7 Reasons Why Tonipet Gaba Decided To Get a Hair Transplant


Tonipet Gaba Decided To Get a Hair Transplant
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For TV host and stage actor Tonipet Gaba, his decision to get a hair transplant was the best one he has ever made.

Struggling with hairloss since high school, his situation quickly turned from bad to worse in college and during his career, prompting him to seek professional help. In 2016, he underwent a Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE transplant procedure performed by experienced, board-certified surgeons of Svenson Philippines. In as early as 3 months since the procedure, his hair began to grow back, and along with it, his confidence and overall well-being.

Tonipet shares seven reasons why he decided to get a hair transplant, as well as his advice to men who, like him, want to end their hairloss problem.

1. Baldness runs in the family

Tonipet inherited his hairloss problem from his dad who started to lose hair early in his 30s. By the time his father hit 40s, he had gone completely bald. Tonipet was worried about the possibility of suffering the same fate.

Without any hesitation, Tonipet agreed to Svenson’s recommendation for an FUE hair transplant after a thorough evaluation of his hair and scalp. “I had no qualms about it since I knew I was predisposed to hairloss,” he said.

Tonipet’s situation is common among men who start losing hair in their 20s or 30s. According to the Harvard Medical School, male-pattern baldness is the leading cause of hairloss that affects most men, and 40% suffer from more obvious hairloss symptoms like hair thinning. If left untreated, it can lead to total hairloss.

Tonipet Hair Transplant Baldness Run in the Family
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2. His hairloss caused him teenage insecurities

Tonipet’s hair started to shed in high school, a crucial time in his life when image was everything and any imperfection could lead to insecurities.

The teenage Tonipet started obsessing over his hair. “Naku, anong sasabihin ng mga kaklase ko, kaibigan ko, at ng family ko?”

His hairloss progressed rapidly in college, and became more apparent when he started his career in theater and advertising, making him more conscious about his hair.

“I dreaded getting old and losing all of my hair while everyone else still has full hair,” he shared.

3. His confidence took a nosedive when he started working in front of the camera

Tonipet’s stint as a TV host made him more worried about his looks. “I’m on-cam all the time. In our tapings, whenever the camera shows the top of my head, nakikita ko ‘yung puyo ko!”

It even got to a point when his peers would notice him being too self-conscious. “My business partner told me that in most of my photos, palagi ko daw hawak ‘yung buhok ko.”

“For most men, being bald doesn’t mean you don’t look good. But it’s always good to have your full head of hair. It gives your confidence and overall well-being a boost. Especially in my line of work, it pays to be presentable in front of the camera,” said the TV host.

No more puyo! Tonipet sporting his camera-friendly hair
No more puyo! Tonipet sporting his camera-friendly hair
Photo courtesy of @kuyatonipet via Instagram

Studies found that baldness has a devastating psychological impact such as intense feelings of unattractiveness and anxiety about one’s appearance. Hairloss is more than just an issue of looks. Beneath the scalp, this problem has far-reaching effects, as the story of Tonipet shows.

4. Hair products and treatments had failed him

Because he badly wanted his hair to grow back, Tonipet tried all sorts of hairloss remedies such as hair sprays, hair tonics, steroids, topical solutions, and salon treatments. None of them worked for him—and his hairloss only got worse.

Hair Products and Treatment Failed Him
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5. He loves styling his hair but couldn’t do it right because of his thin hair

Even in high school, Tonipet loved sporting cool hairstyles and having his regular haircuts. Things took a turn for the worse when he landed a job as a TV host. He knew he had to style his hair, but he couldn’t do it because his hair was too delicate.

“I couldn’t comb it properly or even finger-comb it. Sumasama ‘yung buhok. I got tired of it,” he said.

6. His celebrity friends trust Svenson

Tonipet get Hair Transplant His celebrity friends trust Svenson
Photo from Svenson Philippines

Tonipet has his best friend, TV host Lyn Ching, to thank for his positive transformation. It was Lyn, also a Svenson celebrity client, who introduced Tonipet to one of the most trusted hair restoration clinic in the Philippines.

Before he had his first hair and scalp consultation, Tonipet checked on stylist and creative director Suki Salvador who had a successful hair transplant at Svenson. He was impressed with the results.

“Ang ganda na nung growth ng buhok ni Suki,” Tonipet observed. This strengthened his resolve to get a hair transplant at Svenson.

“One day, Svenson called me. I was the happiest guy on Earth that day. I was so ecstatic and grateful!”

Tonipet Hair Transplant Instead of being Defensive
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7. “Instead of being defensive about hairloss, inunahan ko na!”

Tonipet took a proactive stance in his hairloss battle. For him, it’s never too early to end his hair woes. And he was glad he did, even if some of his friends had doubts. “Why get a hair transplant? Ang bata mo pa! Masakit ‘yun!”

Now, he considers getting a hair transplant the best decision he has ever made. Tonipet feels a lot younger now with his full, thick hair, and he got his confidence back. He couldn’t be happier with his FUE hair transplant results.

Asked to give an advice to men who are thinking about getting a hair transplant, he said: “Undergoing a hair transplant is nothing to be ashamed of. You have the power and option to stop hairloss. While you still have the resources to do it at a very early stage, go for it!”

Like Tonipet, an FUT or FUE hair transplant can just be the solution to your hairloss problem. It all starts with a hair and scalp consultation to identify if you’re a candidate for hair transplant. So book a consultation with Svenson now! #TheHairlossAuthority