• Joey Marquez

    When I was losing hair, I tried not to let other people think I was affected. Even if they made fun of my hairloss, I acted as if it was alright. But deep inside I was desperate to stop losing my hair. Losing my hair was very hard. I was losing my self-esteem, looking older and feeling less attractive to the opposite sex. I tried almost all of the hairloss products and hair clinics but they just made promises, not real solutions. I was almost resigned to the idea of eventually becoming bald when a friend suggested Svenson. I told myself to give it a try. With Svenson’s professional treatments, in just a few months, my hair fall became normal and my hair grew thicker. No more baldness nightmares. I owe it all to Svenson. I got real results. Not promises.
  • Delamar Arias

    I think postpartum hairloss is an issue that hardly gets talked about. It really happens and it's really scary. I've experienced heavy hair fall 4 to 5 months after my pregnancies. Like, even if I just run my fingers through my hair, I'd see a lot of fallen strands. That's excluding what I see in the shower drain, on my pillow, on the stairs. It's so serious, that my worry was, will I ever get my thick hair back? So I'm happy that finally I have Svenson to go to and ease that worry. What convinced me is that they know the science behind hair. There's a trichologist there telling you showing you exactly what's happening on your scalp and pin-pointing what could be causing the hairloss. I didn't even know I had dandruff until I went on my consultation! So for women like me, moms or not, trust in the hairloss authority to restore your crowning glory! I did, and I'm much more confident that I won't have to worry about losing so much hair again.
  • Allan Caidic

    Consultant/ PBA Hall of Famer
    When I noticed thinning in my crown area, I wanted to solve it right away. I wasn’t sold on the idea of using over-the-counter products because of the possible side effects. I needed proven effective treatments that give good results. So I went to Svenson for professional help. With their personalized Hair Recovery Program, my hair stopped thinning and became even thicker. Colleagues would tell me, ‘Coach, ang kapal na ng buhok mo!’ I’m very happy with the results. Galing ng Svenson!


Not all hairloss clinics are created equal. Svenson has a team of certified trichologists (hair and scalp experts) and highly trained staff to guarantee that you get a thorough and correct diagnosis of your hair and scalp concerns. With this, we are able to tailor a program that best fits your unique needs and gives you the best results.

Our hair transplant offerings are done by seasoned, board-certified, aesthetically trained plastic surgeons with the support of qualified nurses, so you are ensured that the procedure is safe and the result is permanent and natural-looking. And we don't stop there. Only Svenson offers complete pre and post-transplant hair care programs to maintain the strength and health of your hair.



    At Svenson, we pride ourselves in having a team of trichologists (hair and scalp experts), all of whom have passed the Asian Society of Trichology (AST) examinations and thereby attained the rank of Certified Trichologist. They are the ones who give you a thorough and correct diagnosis of your concerns and from there recommend and supervise the treatments for your hair and scalp problems. You are assured that your hair is in expert hands.



    To ensure that our hair transplantation services are safe and permanent, we have seasoned, board-certified, aesthetically trained plastic surgeons performing each procedure. They are the only specialists qualified to restore a full head of hair and create a natural-looking hairline that will complement your facial structure.

About svenson

Svenson has been providing the most advanced hairloss solutions for Filipino men and women for over 30 years now. All across Asia, we are the leading institution in hair and scalp care technology.

Our team of qualified trichologists (hair and scalp experts) will give you the correct diagnosis and treatment to treat your hairloss and scalp problem.

For initial stages of hairloss, the focus is on early detection and elimination of the conditions causing it, such as toxins and scalp debris. We clear them out to provide the ideal environment to strengthen hair roots and stimulate stronger, healthier growth.

For advanced baldness, Svenson offers both surgical and non-surgical options. We have undetectable hair replacement systems and also safe, permanent hair transplantation procedures that give you back a natural-looking full head of hair.

False ads may claim otherwise, but hair simply cannot be grown on a bald head. But at Svenson, baldness can be prevented and hairloss stopped. We make sure your hair stays the way it should be– strong and healthy.


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Clients are given 48 hours after purchase to decide whether or not they will proceed with their hair transplant procedure.
For the refund to be processed, the client must accomplish a refund request letter, which must then be submitted to the branch where the purchase was made.
The refund request letter is subject to the review and approval of the company.



Results may vary depending on the density of the client’s graft donor area, as well as his health and lifestyle.