Wake Up with Perfect Hair


wakeup perfect hair

Having the perfect hair upon waking up is a dream for every girl. And styling in the morning requires extra time and effort which is a major nightmare especially to those whose schedules are tight and demanding. Now, imagine getting out of bed and looking at the mirror and you’re greeted with the perfect volume, the perfect shine and the perfect texture for your hair! This would sound totally absurd and impossible for most girls but it’s actually possible!

Aside from getting the right amount of sleep, proper hydration and health care to make your hair extra fabulous, here are a few tips and tricks you can do to nurture your hair overnight and wake up with the perfect hair the morning after!

Oil your tresses

Using Coconut oil, almond oil and many other natural oils has long been a popular beauty trick to moisturize your hair and scalp. Oiling your hair has a lot to do with giving your hair a lustrous finish and making it stronger as natural oils help shield hair protein and seal in moisture.

Braid to volumize

Braiding your hair before you doze off to achieve the perfectly-tousled waves is perhaps the oldest trick in the book. Braid your hair after showering when it’s still damp and you’re sure to wake up to bouncy locks looking fabulous with extra volume. Before you start braiding, use a volumizing product to enhance its effect.

Overnight conditioning

Conditioning your hair overnight leaves it nourished and even softer the next day. Regular deep conditioning is an essential part of your hair care routine especially if you want to keep your hair strong and healthy. If you have dry and damaged hair because of excessive styling, deep conditioning is the solution! Apply a hair mask overnight to help repair hair damage.

Pull your hair up

Perhaps the biggest hassle every girl experiences is waking up to tangled and frizzed hair. Sleeping with loose hair just makes it more vulnerable to frizz especially if you toss and turn in your sleep. So to get a smoother, knot-free mane, pull your hair up in a loose ponytail or bun. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Smooth with silk

Frizz and tangles are two of the most troublesome hair horrors most girls experience every morning. If you’ve already done everything to keep this from happening but your hair still gets frizzed up, then your pillowcase might be to blame. Replace your pillowcase with silk as it won’t rough up your hair cuticle when you toss and turn while sleeping. It even helps your hair dry smoother!