Tips for Thicker Looking Hair


Lush hair that’s worthy of a shampoo commercial is the standard of most women. If you’re gifted with thick hair, lucky you! But what if you’re one of the many who have to deal with thin, limp hair?

Svenson Philippines - Styling Tips for Thicker Looking Hair

Lifeless looking locks, lack of volume, difficult to style—these are just some of the woes of women with thin hair. But aside from hair thickening treatments, what else can you do achieve a thicker-looking mane? Here are some easy styling tips for women with thin tresses:


1. Play with color.

Color is a great way of adding depth to limp-looking hair. Not quite ready to take on a whole new color? Even simple highlights or lowlights can easily transform and add dimension to your hair.

2. Rethink your haircut.

Even with thin hair, you can trick the eye to make it look fuller with the right hairstyle. Wearing your hair long can make thin hair look dull, flat and lifeless. To add movement and volume, try a layered haircut. If you have a receding hairline or super fine baby hair, you can also consider bangs. Talk to your stylist about what haircuts work best for your face shape before you commit to a new style.

3. Reconsider your conditioner.

If you have thin hair, heavy hair products are a no-no because all they just weigh your hair down and make it look lifeless. Try switching out your current conditioner for one with a lighter formula and use it only on your ends. If you can, skip conditioning altogether and use a leave-on product after your shower.

4. Try using dry shampoo.

Because thin hair can be fragile, you need to keep from overwashing it. If you need a quick fix in between wash days, try using dry shampoo. For thin hair, look for one that helps lift the roots for added volume.

 5. Skip the hair iron.

If you really need to straighten your hair, pack away your hair iron and use your blow dryer instead. Again, thin hair is often fragile, so you don’t want to subject it to high heat. When using heat styling tools, apply a heat protecting spray or serum before styling, and make sure it’s on a low heat setting.

6. Use a round brush.

When you’re blow-drying your hair, use a round brush to pull hair up and away from the scalp. Velcro rollers are also great tools for adding volume, plus they’re gentle on the hair.