The Tortoise & the Hair


The fable of the Tortoise and the Hare is a well-known one, the lesson being to never be overconfident or complacent like the hare, or you’ll find that the tortoise/hair has gone!

That may well apply to me, as while slowly creeping to senior citizen status, I’ve been fortunate enough to find that other than recession by my temple’s hairline and thinning spots along where I part my hair, I manage to give the impression that my full head of hair is intact. It’s even “virgin hair” — never been colored, dyed or treated. And it could be so easy to find comfort and complacency in that state of affairs. Complacency that can turn me into the proverbial hare, finding I’ve lost the race against time and aging — better to be the plodding tortoise, and take careful, manageable steps that can lead to preserving what I still possess.

If for fables we turn to Old Man Aesop, to keep my position in the race against Father Time, I would turn to someone who has provenance, history, reputation and equity on his side — and while thankfully not as ancient as Aesop, I turn to Svenson. A consultation with one of its hair specialists is the first step in establishing what my concerns are, and finding ways to address them. Yes, it’s the old “an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure” adage; but in the case of forestalling baldness, this really is the way to go. Some four years ago I had begun treatments and had the discipline at the outset, religiously showing up twice a week for a month. But yes, I did lapse, get lazy, and it was the fact that my hair beside my parting had now thinned to the point that when you had a light shining in that area, one could see as much scalp as strands of hair, that had me beating a path to Svenson — hoping it wasn’t too late.

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