4 Svenson Hairloss Prevention Treatments to Fight Early Baldness


Sven Hairloss Prevention Fight Early Baldness
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Are you starting to panic because you’re experiencing hairloss at a young age? Worse, you might not even be aware of it. In this day and age when looking good in real life and on social media matter more than anything, it’s extremely important to look after your hair’s condition. The moment you see the early signs of hairloss, or even if you think you’re too young to lose hair, it’s best to consult a hair and scalp expert as early as possible to know the hairloss prevention treatment that will keep you from looking older than your age.

Genetics is largely responsible for early hairloss. A study by University of Edinburgh researchers found over 280 genes that cause young men and women to lose hair. So if you know that baldness runs in your family, keep your hairloss from progressing while it’s still early.

“At Svenson, we advise people that we do not grow hair on bald heads, but we can help prevent the loss of the remaining hair on your head. By keeping the hair for a longer period, it will automatically start to mature and get stronger,” says hair and scalp expert and Svenson’s Chief Trichologist Mr. Michael Bernstein.

The sooner you treat the early stage of hairloss, the better you can prevent it from worsening with Svenson’s treatment programs.

1. For dandruff and greasy scalp: Scalp Corrective Anti-Dandruff Treatments

Svenson Hairloss Prevention Anti-dandruff Treatments
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Does your hair start to fall out around the same time you notice dandruff and oiliness on your scalp? If it does, you’re probably wondering if dandruff is really causing your hairloss.

“On its own, dandruff does not cause hairloss. But it does worsen the hairloss problem,” said Mr. Bernstein.

Even though dandruff doesn’t directly cause thinning hair, constant and excessive scratching does. As you scratch your itchy and greasy scalp, you tend to pull and scrape your hair, weakening your hair roots and causing your hair to fall out.

As soon as you get dandruff and greasy scalp, see a trichologist for a checkup and get a hairloss prevention treatment instead of just shrugging it off and regretting later when your hairloss has gone worse.

For people suffering from dandruff, an effective treatment is Svenson’s special corrective program that deep-cleanses the scalp, removes impurities and excess oils, and provides a healthy environment for hair to grow.

Unlike your typical anti-dandruff shampoo, Svenson’s Scalp Corrective Anti-Dandruff Treatments penetrate deep into the scalp by opening the hair follicles for the medications to seep in. Then they get rid of dirt and oil that damage the follicles and cause hairloss.

When your scalp is cleaner and healthier, dandruff, oily scalp, and thinning hair will be the least of your worries.

2. For premature balding: Anti-DHT or Hair Stabilizer

Svenson Hairloss Prevention Anti-DHT or Hair Stabilizer
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While hairloss in your 20s or 30s sounds like a remote possibility (and you’d like to believe so), studies prove that it does happen to both young men and women. Seeing early signs of baldness? You have DHT (dihydrotestosterone) to blame for your thinning hair. DHT is produced when testosterone interacts with an enzyme called Type II 5-alpha reductase found in the oil glands of a hair follicle. DHT shrinks the hair follicles, leading to gradual hair thinning.

The right treatment for thinning hair can stop DHT from building up in your hair follicles and can stimulate hair growth. With Svenson’s Anti-DHT or Hair Stabilizer treatments, you can prevent further hairloss (by fighting its main cause), stabilize your hair condition, and strengthen your hair.

The sooner you get the treatments, the sooner you’ll regain your youthful appearance.

3. For weak and thin hair: Hair Root and Shaft Strengthening Treatments

Worried that you can’t style your hair because it easily falls out and is dull and brittle? Transform your hair from lifeless to healthier and stronger with Svenson’s Hair Root and Shaft Strengthening Treatments.

Weak and thin hair needs nourishment with vitamins and minerals, which you can get from the hairloss prevention treatment. Unlike over-the-counter hair products, Svenson’s formulation ensures the best results—fuller hair and reduced hair falling and thinning—without any side effects.

4. For hair that needs recovery: Hair Follicle Stimulation

Svenson Hairloss Prevention Hair Follicle Stimulation
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After undergoing a hairloss prevention treatment, your hair follicles need stimulation for hair regrowth. Svenson uses laser technologies because according to research, they can revive weak or dying hair follicles and strengthen normal follicles.

For faster hair regrowth, Svenson offers two laser treatments:

  • Revage Hair Recovery – It uses Low-Level Laser Therapy to stop and reverse hairloss progression (with an 87% success rate) and increase hair volume by 38%.
  • Laser Hair Accelerator – It applies a special soft laser on your scalp to increase nutrients needed for faster hair regrowth and recovery.

When you’re in the early stage of baldness, there is hope. A prevention treatment program that works to stop the cause of your hairloss not only saves your hair but also boosts your self-confidence. Rather than regret later when you’re completely bald, take that first step to prevent hairloss. Visit a Svenson clinic to have a trichologist thoroughly check your hair and scalp, and recommend a suitable treatment for your unique needs. Book a free hair and scalp consultation with Svenson! #TheHairlossAuthority