How to Stop Thinning Hair in Women


Thinning hair in women may be a common occurrence but you definitely don’t have to live with it.

How to Stop Hair Thinning in Women - Svenson

Hairloss in women

Though hairloss and thinning hair is more commonly associated with males, women are just as likely to go through some form of hairloss at any point in their lives. Data shows that as this occurs to as much as 50 percent of women—a significant number, indeed. While women don’t usually experience full baldness, they do experience thinning hair, which can be just as distressing.

Causes of hairloss and thinning hair in women

Hairloss in women can occur as early as your twenties, and even during teen years. Heredity is a major culprit, meaning if you have a family member who experienced hairloss, you are likely to go through the same.

Aside from genetics, other factors behind female hairloss include extreme stress, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, medication like birth control pills, and medical conditions like thyroid problems or iron deficiency anemia.

How to stop thinning hair in women

When it comes to thinning hair, it’s never too early to be proactively fighting it. Here are some ways you can stop thinning hair:


1.    Protect your hair from the sun.

Just as prolonged sun exposure is bad for the skin, it’s also bad for your hair. The sun’s UV rays weaken the hair strands and also dries hair out, making it prone to damage. Apply protective serum on your hair before going out, and wear a wide-brimmed hat if you know you’ll be out in the sun for long periods.

2.    Keep a healthy diet.

Your hair is a reflection of your health too, so be sure to nourish hair from within as well. Make sure you keep a well-balanced diet that contains hair-boosting nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, iron, beta carotene, protein, zinc and biotin. Check out this list of foods that help fight hairloss.

3.    Steer clear of chemical treatments.

Subjecting your hair to hair dyes and other styling chemicals can damage your hair, making it more porous and prone to thinning and breakage. If you have to treat your hair, make sure these treatments are few and far between to give your hair time to recover.

4.    Minimize the use of heat styling tools.

Regular use of heat styling tools like hair irons, curlers, and dryers can take its toll on your hair, making it look thin, dry, and damaged. Apply protective serum before using tools and keep them on the lowest temperature setting, if possible.

You don’t have to live with thinning hair, hairloss, and hair and scalp problems forever. Choose to fight for every strand with a trusted hairloss clinic like Svenson. Get yourself checked today by sending a message or calling 892-HAIR (4247).