Salon Treatments That Can Damage Your Hair


hair coloringA woman’s hair is her crowning glory. In their quest for beauty, women put high premium on their hairdos, regularly getting salon makeovers and treatments to stay in style. While many salons offer high-quality services that can make your hair look beautiful, giving your hair more treatments than it can manage greatly increases the risk of hair damage, if not cause it. To avoid getting too excited over hair makeovers, here are the treatments that make your hair susceptible to damage:


  • Hair Coloring

Some women often have their hair dyed to change their look and style; some to match their complexion. But frequent hair coloring can greatly harm your hair. The chemicals contained in hair dyes cover your hair and causes its inner structure to change making your hair look lifeless and dry. Aside from these, excessive hair coloring may also result in hair breakage and skin irritation.

  • Bleaching

Bleaching can cause even more damage to your hair than coloring. When you have your hair bleached, you put it under very harsh chemicals that weaken your hair and make it break easily. It also makes your hair feel rough, look dry and more prone to split-ends.

  • Perming   

When you have your hair permed, it undergoes a chemical process that involves breaking the inner bonds of your hair and then re-structuring them to achieve those curls.  When the chemicals used are too strong for your hair, you are left with dry and brittle curly locks instead of rich and shiny waves.

  • Hair rebonding and hair relaxing

Hair rebonding involves a chemical process that alters your hair’s cellular structure to make it permanently straight. Hair relaxing, on the other hand, reshapes your hair by breaking down your hair’s protective covering, the cuticle. These may be an effective way to keep your hair straight for months, but over time, the chemicals can cause long-term damage to your hair.


In the effort to stay looking young and fashionable, majority of women frequent salons to undergo a number of hair services to update their style or just maintain the look of their hairdo. Unfortunately, when you get services that make use of potent chemicals like the ones aforementioned, you’re actually straining your hair to the point of damage instead of keeping it your crowning glory.

While the mentioned hair treatments may not directly lead to balding, the damage that they cause may increase its likelihood. If you feel that you’re starting to lose your hair, call us at 892-4247 for a free consultation.