Men’s Hairstyle Guide for Various Face Shapes


The secret to a great hairstyle isn’t just about going to the right barber or following the latest hair trend, but more about choosing a style that’s perfect for your face shape.


Choosing a hairstyle can be a little daunting, but it helps to think of it the same way you think about dressing. You don’t choose shirts or pants just because they’re trendy; you choose pieces that flatter your body type. The same also applies to choosing a hairstyle.

The right haircut enhances your best features and downplays weak points. Your stylist or barber can help you determine your correct face shape and recommend a hairstyle that will put emphasis on your best features. Still, it would help to have insights before going to the salon.

Here is a look at different face shapes and the haircuts that suit them:


Oval Face

Characteristics: An oval face is considered the ideal shape. The jaw is slightly rounded; the overall shape of the face resembles that of an egg.

Recommended styles: Most styles suit oval-shaped faces. This face shape allows maximum versatility, so you can try experimenting with just about any haircut, in any shape or length.


Round Face

Characteristics: The face is almost as wide as it is tall. A round face also has a rounded jawline and no angles or prominent lines.

Recommended styles:  For those with round faces, it’s important to choose styles that provide balance. Choose a style that can be worn with a bit of height.  Avoid styles that have sharp fringes or too much length coming onto the face as they only accentuate the natural roundness of the face. An off-center part, or some waves at the eye level can also help minimize roundness.


Long Face

Characteristics: A long face has more length and less width. The temples, cheekbones, and  jaw have the same width.

Recommended styles: To make a long face look more oval, try haircuts that are shorter on the top and a bit longer on the sides. Hair swept over the forehead is also a good look. Avoid high-styled cuts where your hair is swept upward and back, as these can make your face look even longer.


Square Face

Characteristics: Square-shaped faces have the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw at roughly the same width. It is about as wide as the cheeks as it is long, and features a square forehead and an angular jaw.

Recommended styles: For square faces, choose styles that make your face appear less angular and a bit longer. Layered haircuts work best for this face shape. Keep your part one and a half inches to either side of the center; a part too far from the center emphasizes squareness. Hair should be full on the top to add height.