Makeovers for Thinning Hair


Thick, beautiful hair is every woman’s goal. So when you start noticing changes in your hair—losing big chunks of hair in your shower, a more visible part or scalp– it can cause you to feel panic and affect your confidence.


Causes of hairloss in women

As much as 50 percent of women experience some type of hairloss by the age of 50, making it more common than most people realize. The most common culprits behind female hairloss include genetics, extreme stress, and medical conditions like thyroid problems or iron deficiency anemia.


Makeovers for thinning hair

For thinning hair, you’ll want to create the illusion of volume to make hair look fuller. Try these tricks to make thinning hair look thicker:


1.    Apply mousse properly.

Mousse is great for adding volume, but you want to avoid that crunchy feeling when you apply too much. To apply mousse properly, spray a golf ball-size amount onto your palm. Then, take a comb and try to get a bit of product on the bristles. Comb through from the middle to the ends (make sure your hair is damp), and continue around the head.


2.    Choose a hairstyle without a defined part.

A hairstyle with a part tends to expose a lot of scalp, which only draws attention to thinning hair. You can also try styling your hair on the opposite side from where your part falls to create a voluminous flip.


3.    Use Velcro rollers.

This is a neat trick that only requires three Velcro rollers and ten minutes. Use a dry texture spray on dry hair, then put the rollers at your crown (the top triangle of your head). Blow warm air on the rollers for 20 to 30 seconds, let them cool for a bit, then take them out.


4.    Ask your stylist about layered styles.

Long hair in one length can look flat and dull, especially if you have thinning hair. Opt for layered cuts that give your hair volume and movement.


5.    Bump up your ponytail.

No more settling for limp, lifeless ponytails! To keep your ponytail from falling flat, prop it up by using an extra tie. You can also do this by taking two hairpins and making an X at the base of your ponytail.