Why Am I Losing Hair? Causes of Hairloss and How to Fix Them


When you start noticing signs of hairloss, the first thing you’d want to know is why you’re losing it.

why losing hair

Causes of hairloss

Excessive hairloss can easily be blamed on genes, which is the major culprit behind hairloss among men and women. While there is little we can do about hereditary hairloss, there are other possible causes of hairloss that you can do something about.

Here are other causes of hairloss and how to fix them:

1. Birth control pills
People who already have a genetic predisposition to hairloss, or whose follicles are sensitive to androgens (male hormones) found in some brands of birth control pills, may find that these pills can cause hair to thin. If you’re experiencing these effects, discuss other birth control options with your doctor.

2. Poor diet
The hair is usually the last to benefit from the nutrients in your diet, but what you eat plays a big role in keeping your hair healthy. For instance, if you don’t get enough iron in your diet, this could lead to iron-deficiency anemia, which may lead to hairloss. Add these superfoods to your diet to fight hairloss from the inside.

3. Hair extensions
The lush, lustrous hair you see on many female celebrities today are usually done with the help of hair extensions, but this can actually damage your hair. Traction alopecia occurs when tension is placed on the hair shaft, causing hair to become brittle, eventually leading to breakage.When worn for long periods, hair extensions can cause hair to fall out. Look for other ways to add volume to your hair so you don’t have to resort to extensions.

4. Stress
Our busy and stressful lives aren’t just draining us emotionally; it can also be a reason behind hairloss. A UK survey showed that a third of men and women who suffered thinning hair in their early twenties cited their life and work stress as the reason behind their condition. Apart from chronic stress, traumatic events can also cause hairloss in an individual. If you’re suffering from chronic stress, try practicing healthy stress relief like meditation and controlled breathing to manage stressful situations.

As soon as you notice signs of hairloss, schedule a consultation with Svenson. The sooner you start your treatments, the more likely you are to see results and delay hairloss. It is best that you see a trusted hairloss expert found at Svenson who will advise you on what treatment program works best.