The Link Between Scalp Problems and Hairloss


Dandruff and itching can definitely be troublesome, but could your scalp problems also be a sign of something worse?

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Scalp problems and hairloss

Hairloss can be caused by a number of reasons, including heredity, medical conditions, and nutritional deficiencies. Another factor to consider is any existing scalp problems, which can include dandruff and psoriasis.

There are various forms of dandruff, which is basically the sloughing of the skin. However, when too much is falling off and you get the presence of yeast, this is where the problem comes in because this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Dandruff can manifest differently on individuals. There is one form where, if you have a greasy scalp and the dandruff does not fall away easily, it starts to build up. Another form is what is called soborrheic dermatitis (seborhea), which produces plaques of itchy dermatitis with scaling.

Some people also suffer from a condition called psoriasis. This is a common skin disorder that makes raised patches on the skin that look like scales. Though it cannot be cured, psoriasis can be controlled.

How are these conditions related to hairloss?

Dandruff and psoriasis do not directly cause hairloss, but they are conditions that exacerbate it or make it worse. So if you’re experiencing these things, even continuous itching, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

Shampoos do a good job of cleaning your hair, but for more serious forms of dandruff and scalp problems, maybe not so much. For more these scalp problems, you need treatments that will break down the scale, eliminate any problems within the follicle, and provide the correct environment for healthy hair to grow.

If you are experiencing scalp problems like these, talk to the experts at Svenson. No matter what stage of hairloss you are in, Svenson will recommend the best treatment program for you.