Learning more about Falling Hair with Svenson


It seems like only recently that I have been noticing my thinning hair. I gave birth to Evangelina over three years ago, and since then, I’m not sure if it’s my age, my diet, or just the way I’m built that I feel like my scalp and thinning hair has definitely seen better days.

I can recall having this conversation many years ago with Nino. We were talking about hair and how he knew a girl would be interested in him if she did the hair “flip.” You know the hair flip I’m talking about?

It’s something that is so subconscious, but I realized in my recent talk with Svenson’s Chief Trichologist, Michael Bernstein, that a woman’s hair has so much to do with her sexuality and her sensuality. Aside from that, our hair is a great barometer of just how healthy we are. If there is a symptom or another problem within your body, you will see it in the condition of your hair.

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