[Infographic] What to Avoid If You Have Hairloss


You may have seen family members or friends going through hairloss and it never occurs to you that you could experience it too. So what do you do when it’s already happening to you?

things to avoid if you have hairloss

What causes hairloss?

Many subscribe to the misconception that only older men are at risk of losing their hair. The reality is that hairloss can happen to both men and women at any age, as early as their twenties. The primary cause of hairloss is genetics, but both sexes can experience hairloss for any number of reasons. Certain medical conditions can also trigger hairloss.

What to avoid if you have hairloss

When you’re already experiencing some form of hairloss, you can either hide it or do something about it. You can proactively deal with hairloss by paying a visit to a trusted hairloss expert such as Svenson where you will be recommended the right treatment program for your needs. [Read: Hairloss Clinic: What to Expect at Svenson]

While you’re undergoing your hairloss treatment program, it’s also important that your lifestyle supports your hair’s health. To keep your hairloss from getting worse, take note of the following things you should avoid:

infographic what to avoid when you have hair loss