How to Grow Your Hair Out


grow hair out

Have you had close-cropped hair for as long as you can remember and want to change things up? Maybe it’s time to sport long hair. But growing your hair might not be as easy as you think it is. While hair naturally grows about half an inch per month, maintaining your hair’s strength and health should also be considered foremost. So to avoid looking messy and awkward while you’re growing your hair, follow this easy guide on how to grow your hair out while ensuring its health and strength.

Determine Your Hair Type

Knowing what type of hair you have is necessary since it will give you a general idea of how you’re going to look like with long hair. There are basically four categories of hair types; straight, wavy, curly and frizzy. If your hair is as curly as a telephone cord, don’t expect your hair to have loose locks like your favourite celebrity. Create your own style based on your hair type and what would look good on you.

More importantly, determining your hair type will help you identify the right hair care routine to follow while growing your hair.

Keep Your Hair Strong

To ensure the strength of your hair as it grows long, start taking biotin – a B vitamin that helps strengthen and support the health of hair and nails. But if you’re hesitant about taking it orally, there is the option of topical application. Many hair products such as shampoos and conditioners among others contain biotin. On top of this, start incorporating foods that contain biotin into your meals. Some foods that are rich in biotin are carrots, strawberries, milk, onions, etc.

While you’re at it, begin to avoid bad habits that can break your hair like rinsing your hair with hot water and brushing it while it’s still wet.

Keep Your Hair Trimmed

Just because you’re growing your hair out doesn’t mean you won’t have to go to the salon or barber shop for a trim. It’s wise to keep split ends away as you grow your hair lest you always want to look awkward and scraggly.

Pay a visit to your barber or stylist at least every 6 weeks to get a little trim and stay looking neat. This also prepares your hair to grow out to your desired style.

Beat the “Awkward Stage”

Have you ever experienced being in the dreaded awkward phase of when you grow hair out? A lot of men who try getting long hair just give up when they reach the awkward stage because their hair looks funny and unruly. Avoid it by getting stylishly creative! Wear bonnets, beanies or hats and bandanas to keep it away from your eyes while making it look neater. When your hair is long enough, you can then put it in a pony tail. But don’t pull it too hard when you tie your hair with a hairband as this may cause breakage.

Take Extra Care of Your Hair

There’s no better way to achieve a strong and healthy head of hair than to give it the extra tender loving care it deserves. So stick to a good hair care routine and follow it religiously. Letting your hair grow long can be fun and exciting especially if it grows healthy.

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