How to Deal with Hairloss


Because a thick head of hair is a symbol of youth and strength, it makes sense that hairloss is one of many men’s greatest fears.

dealing with hair loss

It is widely known that most men will experience hairloss at some point in their lives; some in their thirties or forties, and even as early as their teens. With heredity being one of the major reasons behind hairloss in men, some men even expect it to happen to them if their fathers or grandfathers suffer from it too. But while this is true, it certainly does not make it any easier to accept that one is losing hair.

So when you start noticing more hair down the shower drain and less on your head, what do you do? You can either hide it, or be proactive about it.

Take note of these steps on how you can deal with hairloss:

1.     Arm yourself with the right information.

Learning about hairloss goes a long way. Once you get a better understanding of how the hair and scalp work, you also get a better idea of the best ways to care for it. Visit our hair care tips section for more information on hairloss and hair care.


2.     Visit a trusted hairloss expert.

Once you’ve done your homework, the next step is to pay a visit to a trusted hairloss expert like Svenson. At Svenson, you will be advised on what treatment program works best for your needs. Of course, the sooner you start your treatments at Svenson, the more likely you are to see results and delay hairloss.


3.     Talk to your barber about a hairstyle that works for you.

Losing hair doesn’t mean you have to forego styling. Visit your trusted barber and talk about what styling options are available for what you have. Usually short styles minimize the appearance of thinning hair while longer styles emphasize it. Also, avoid growing the sides of your hair to cover up the top, as this only draws attention to the balding area.


4.     Be smart with shampooing.

Thinning hair needs regular shampooing, as greasy hair can make it look even thinner. However, overdoing it can strip hair of its natural oils. It is recommended that you shampoo around 3-4 times a week, but if you need to shampoo more often, consider using dry shampoo.


5.     Keep healthy habits.

Your lifestyle greatly contributes to your hair’s health, so be sure to partner your hairloss treatments at Svenson with a healthy and active lifestyle. Take care of your locks from the inside by eating a well-balanced diet containing foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, beta carotene, protein, zinc and biotin. Avoid smoking and drinking, and practice good sleeping habits.