What does a Healthy Scalp and Hair Feel Like?


It’s been 8 years since I had my adorable daughter and, I guess 8 years now since I had healthy hair. At least the type that didn’t fall out.

Pregnancy is one of the common causes of hairfall in women, but the condition should fix itself soon after delivery. If hair fall still happens long after, like in my case, there are probably other factors at the root (pun intended) of the problem.

So upon invitation, I visited Svenson and thought it was time to finally find out what the problem was. Curiously, seeing my brush full of loose strands even after many years did not really alarm me probably because, despite of my condition, I thankfully still have an abundance of hair on my head. So let’s just say I was overconfident, and after we had this intimate meet up with Mr. Michael Bernstein, Chief Trichologist of Svenson, merely brushing off (pun again!) the problem could cause major problems later on.

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