Hairloss Treatments, Decoded


Lost in translation when it comes to hairloss treatments?



Hairloss is a common problem among men and women, so it’s not surprising to find a wide variety of hairloss treatments out in the market. Svenson, the country’s leading hairloss specialist, offers a range of hairloss solutions for men and women. They offer the latest technologically advanced, non-surgical solutions for hairloss, baldnesss, and anything else concerning the hair and scalp.

Want to know how Svenson can help you with your hairloss problems? Here’s a quick overview of Svenson’s hairloss treatments:


Hair restoration

Hair restoration solutions are for individuals who have already lost their hair and those in the advanced stages of baldness. Depending on the stage of hairloss, Svenson Hair Restoration Systems are programs to help give you a full head of hair again.


Scalp Corrective Treatments

For healthier scalp, this treatment penetrates deeper than any shampoo and prepares hair follicles for other procedures. This is done by removing excess oil from too much sebum production of glands and by sloughing off flakes.



This treatment is used for reviving weak hair follicles. Revage uses a Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) that stops and reverses hair loss, stimulates hair growth, and increases hair volume.



This procedure is based on the regenerative qualities of stem cells. Hair follicles contain stem cells. StemPlus contains stem cell serum, which is applied to the scalp and is absorbed. It then works by activating healthy follicle cells to repair nearby unhealthy follicle cells which have shrunk during the ageing process. These dying follicles then regenerate and can start producing healthier hair.


Transdermal Cosmetic Reconstruction (TCR)

TCR is a hair replacement system that offers complete coverage. It involves synthetic skin with hair implanted in it that’s bonded to your scalp, right on top of the skin, using a surgical adhesive. Once bonded to your scalp, it looks like your own hair growing out of your skin.