Hairloss Prevention and Hair Restoration: What’s The Difference?


Women can also experience hairloss. The emotional effect that it brings is equal or even more than that of men. Since hairloss is thought of usually as a male problem, hairloss treatments for women are sometimes ignored. However, Svenson is able to offer the best treatments available for women suffering this condition.

Hairloss prevention treatments are given to clients who are in the beginning stages of hairloss. The hair restoration systems are for those who are already in the advanced stages of hairloss. Non-surgical add hair technology such as Transdermal Cosmetic Reconstruction is used for the advanced stages.

In order to identify the stage of hairloss that you are in, you can use the Norwood Hairloss Chart. It can help you detect the type of hairloss progression you are in and whether you will be undergoing a hairloss prevention treatment or hair restoration treatment.

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