Hairloss Clinic: What to Expect on your Visit to Svenson


At the first signs of hairloss, it’s always a good idea to make a hairloss clinic like Svenson your first stop.

More hair accumulating in the shower, or on your brushes or pillows; a wider part; changes in hair volume and density: these are just some of the signs of hairloss that you should watch out for. When you start noticing these changes, it’s best to seek professional help. And who better to help you with your hairloss problems than the hairloss experts at Svenson?


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Hairloss clinic: what to expect at Svenson

Svenson has been providing unparalleled hairloss solutions for men and women for over 30 years. With branches across Asia, including several here in the Philippines, this hairloss clinic offers the latest cutting edge non-surgical solutions for, not just hairloss, but everything elseconcerning the hair and scalp.

A visit to Svenson starts with booking an appointment, either through the hotline 892-HAIR (4247), or through our Contact Us form. Once you’ve booked your appointment, you’ll be pencilled in for your hair and scalp analysis.

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At Svenson, you’ll have a qualified trichologist (a hair and scalp expert) working with you, from your first consultation and through your hairloss treatment program.  On your first consultation, your trichologist will be talking to you about your hair problems and try to learn what factors could be contributing to them.

From there, your trichologist will be taking a look at your scalp with a magnifier, which is essentially a camera that zooms in on your scalp and displays it on a mornitor. A thorough look at your scalp helps your trichologist look for signs like dryness, dandruff, or any type of buildup that can contribute to hairloss.

After your hair and scalp analysis, your trichologist can then determine the cause of your hair and scalp problem and give you a diagnosis. And whether you’ve already lost your hair or you’re just starting to lose your hair, Svenson will tailor a program for you.

Remember, you don’t have to live with hairloss or hair and scalp problems forever. Choose to fight for every strand with a trusted hairloss clinic like Svenson. Get yourself checked today by sending a message or calling 892-HAIR (4247).