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Most people think that hairloss is just a middle-aged man’s problem. But what they don’t know is that it happens to both men and women, no matter their age. It’s a good thing International Hair and Scalp Expert and Svenson’s Chief Trichologist, Michael Bernstein, is here to answer all your questions about hairloss and why it can happen to anyone.

20s Prevention

Hairloss is a young man’s problem.

The most common hairloss problem that plagues 1 out of 4 men from their early 20s onwards is genetically-triggered male pattern hairloss or “androgenetic alopecia.” Genes affect the age at which a man begins to lose his hair and the extent, rate, shape, and pattern of hairloss. In most men, it begins at the temples and the crown.

30s Correction

Most men don’t notice hairloss until 50% of their hair is gone.

During their 30s, 2 out of 3 men will have noticeably thinning hair. Although the speed of hairloss progression varies, either way, you’ll end up with a bald spot or a fully bald head if you don’t do something to stop and correct the problem. Save your hair while you still have it, see a trichologist and use corrective treatments to ensure you retain a good head of hair.

40s Maintenance

Your thick hair won’t stay thick forever.

Your hair may appear thick but what most men and women don’t know is that they may still experience hairloss especially during their 40s. Stress, medications, poor habits like smoking and unhealthy dieting, hormonal imbalances (for women) can all cause hair to fall. Prevent your hair from thinning and keep it thick and healthy with Svenson’s Hair Maintenance Program.

50s Restoration

50 is the age when 85% of men start to go bald.

One thing you should know: hair cannot be grown on a bald head. And, when you’re in your 50s, hairloss is an inevitable matter and baldness may not be far behind. That’s why it is so important for you to be proactive in your hair care. Do Hair Restoration treatments at Svenson to control thinning and receding, prevent baldness and significantly improve the capacity for hair regrowth.

Hairloss in women

It’s more common than you think.

All women actually suffer from hairloss during their lifetime. They can expect heavy hair fall after childbirth and due to hormonal fluctuations, many will notice hair thinning pre and post menopause, which are during their 40s and 50s. After 60, they will also have a slower hair replacement ratio due to cellular aging. If you’re noticing an abnormally heavy hair fall or your hair is getting thinner, consult your trichologist to diagnose the cause and undergo preventive treatments to keep your hair from thinning and falling.

Q&A with Chief Trichologist Michael Bernstein

What MEN need to know about hairloss

What causes hairloss in men?

Male Pattern Baldness is the most common type of hairloss, which affects the majority of males between 15 and 70. The reason you develop MPB is your high level of testosterone which, when interacted with a certain enzyme, makes your hair follicles shrink and unable to replace lost hair.

What are the other possible causes of hairloss?

Hairloss can be further exacerbated by stress, illness, certain medications, smoking, and of course, by hereditary issues.

How do I stop my hair from thinning?

At Svenson, we have an intensive Anti-Hairloss Program that uses DHT inhibitors to stop the main cause of hairloss. Aside from that, it stabilizes hair conditions, prevents hairloss from progressing, and strengthens hair.

What WOMEN need to know about hairloss

What causes hairloss in women?

Permanent hairloss can be attributed to genetics, aging or injury to the scalp when scarring occurs. Whereas diffuse thinning can be caused by thyroid problems, diabetes, anemia, the contraceptive pill, childbirth, extreme weight-loss, bad diet, stress, or pulling your own hair out.

At what point do women begin experiencing hairloss?

All women suffer from hairloss during their lifetime, especially in their 40s and 50s during menopause. By 60, you will have a slower hair replacement ratio due to cellular aging.

How do I prevent hairloss?

Have your hair and scalp checked if there are any indications of impending hairloss. Undergo a Preventive Program at Svenson to stop the hairloss and stimulate hair growth.

Why YOUNG MEN lose their hair

Is it normal for young guys to start losing their hair?

Hairloss is predominantly a young man’s problem. That’s because from 16 to 30 years old, your testosterone level is high. And one of the main reasons for hairloss is testosterone being converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The really serious age to lose hair is straight after puberty.

How would I know if I’m predisposed to hairloss?

It’s easy to know if you’re predisposed to hairloss if the men in either side of your family have hairloss problems.

Is there a way to prevent the onset of hairloss?

Start preventive treatments at Svenson as early as now, while you still have hair. This will stabilize your hair condition, prevent hairloss from progressing, strengthen and oxidize hair roots for better hair growth, as they control falling and thinning.

Svenson’s Anti-Hairloss Solutions

Scalp Corrective Treatments

  • Tried and tested solution for healthier scalp
  • Penetrates deeper than any shampoo, prepares and normalizes the scalp for other treatments by removing excess oil from too much sebum production and sloughs off flaking
  • Increases blood flow to the hair follicles and eliminates dirt and other wastes that affect the health of hair follicles


  • Formulated to fight dihydrotestosterone or DHT (main cause of hairloss)
  • Stabilizes hair condition
  • Prevents hairloss progression
  • Strengthens and fortifies each hair strand

Revage Laser Hair Recovery Treatment

  • A low-level laser therapy treatment for thinning and receding
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Clinically proven to deliver an 87% success rate in stopping hairloss progression and increases hair volume by 40% to 60%

StemPlus Therapy

  • The latest and most advanced anti-hairloss solution
  • Activates and regenerates dying follicle cells, which have shrunk due to aging or other hair problems
  • Most people who suffered from rapid receding and thinning have shown a significant improvement in hair strengthening and reproduction with StemPlus

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