Hair Transplant: Avoid Complications with a Trained Surgeon


Need a safe, cost-effective treatment that ensures healthy hair growth?

before and after hair transplant

Hair transplant is one of the most advanced hair restoration treatments available today. When done by a skilled plastic surgeon, you can have natural-looking hair that’s healthy and thick. With a full head of hair, you can gain back your confidence and feel good about yourself again.

However, complications may arise if a hair transplant is done by an inexperienced surgeon. No matter how simple it may seem, hair surgery must be done by board-certified surgeons with years of training. Otherwise, you’ll risk having an infection, which may lead to unsuccessful hair growth.

But if you go to a trusted anti-hairloss clinic like Svenson, you don’t have to worry about complications. All our surgeons are board-certified and highly-skilled to give you natural-looking hair that suits your facial features. We’ll take care of you before, during, and after your surgery. Count on us to restore your hair and keep it healthy.

So before you go to any hairloss clinic, learn about the 5 side-effects after a hair transplant:

1. Infection
Under an inexperienced surgeon, there’s a possibility that you get an infection after a hair transplant. Infections are caused by unsanitary surgical tools. You can avoid these problems if you go to a trusted anti-hairloss clinic with licensed and skilled surgeons who use safe and sterile tools.

2. Post-Operative Bleeding
Some patients may experience bleeding due to excessive pressure on the scalp. If this happens, a good surgeon administers the necessary treatment to stop the bleeding and allow your wound to heal properly.

3. Itching
Itching is a common side-effect experienced by hair transplant patients, but it shouldn’t last for more than a few days. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will address this problem immediately by recommending the right medications or Svenson scalp treatments.

4. Swelling
Though swelling is normal after hair surgery, a trained surgeon will make sure to manage it so you don’t experience discomfort. If left unaided, you may have swollen skin around your surgery area and eyes for weeks.

5. Numbness
Numbness around the treated area is normal after a hair transplant. However, this should be temporary. An experienced surgeon will monitor your scalp’s condition to make sure you regain sensation after your surgery.

When it comes to hair transplant, make sure to go to a reputable anti-hairloss clinic—choose Svenson!

We provide a 3-Step Solution that addresses hairloss concerns before, during, and after hair transplant. First, our trichologists will help solve the main cause of hairloss. Second, our plastic surgeons will perform the procedure to restore your hair. Finally, we’ll keep your other hair healthy with safe and effective anti-hairloss treatments.

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