Hair Solutions


Varying degrees of hair problems call for varying solutions. Whether you’ve already lost your hair or you’re just starting to lose your hair, Svenson provides the best options for you.

HairLoss Prevention

At Svenson, we offer the best preventive treatment programs for hairloss in men and women. These treatments are clinically proven to arrest and fight the main cause of hairloss, and restore the health of your hair and scalp. Through correct diagnosis performed by our qualified trichologists, we are able to determine the cause of your hair and scalp problem and tailor a treatment program that can best address your concern. With our proven anti-hairloss solutions, further hairloss can be prevented so you can maintain strong, healthy hair.


Hair Restoration

If you’re in the advanced stages of baldness but want to have a full head of hair again, Svenson has the solution for you – The Svenson Hair Restoration Systems.

For those who need partial hair additions, Svenson has the most advanced Hair Integration System, which is a special type of hair weaving that’s similar to the concept of women’s hair extensions. It’s a semi-permanent way of adding hair on an area where there is thinning or insufficient hair. It’s not a wig, toupee nor does it require any form of transplant. Nothing is inserted into the scalp, instead natural hair is interweaved to your own hair strands, giving you fuller, thicker hair easily.

For those who need complete coverage, Svenson offers the latest hair replacement system called the Transdermal Cosmetic Reconstruction or TCR. It’s the best and most natural thing that can be applied on the scalp. It’s synthetic skin with hair implanted in it that’s bonded to your scalp, on top of your skin, using a surgical adhesive. When it’s bonded to your scalp, it looks exactly like your own hair growing out of your skin. It’s virtually undetectable to touch or sight, it’s gossamer thin. It’s simply the most advanced form of non-surgical hair replacement there is.

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