Hair Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older


Salt and pepper hair can give away a person’s age, but there are other ways your hair might be making you look older than you actually are.

Svenson Philippines - Hair Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older


People go through great lengths to defy the signs of aging, spending thousands on skincare treatments and products. But wrinkles and fine lines aren’t the only things that can add years to your appearance. Your hair, being your crowning glory, has a huge impact on your appearance too.

Are you guilty of these hair mistakes that take away your youthful appearance?


1.    Blunt bangs

Bangs may be trendy, but a fringe that’s too heavy can make your eyes look smaller and close off your face. When you’re going for bangs, choose a feathery fringe that lets your face show.


2.    A one-length cut

Without layers, your hair has less of what stylists call “movement”. When your hair is layered, the bottom half of your hair is lighter, allowing it to swing and bounce. Also, a layered cut can have a softening effect on your face, as opposed to blunt edges that accentuate lines.


3.    Using too many styling products

Styling products can help you achieve a desired look, but if you use more than one, this could backfire on you. Products like mousse, gel and hairspray can give your hair the lift you want for a few hours, but these can also make it look stiff and dull. If you have a layered cut, you probably won’t need that much product anyway. Just use a dollop of lightweight mousse is enough to add the volume you want.


4.    Not keeping your hair moisturized

As you age, your hair loses its ability to retain moisture. This means you have to take extra steps to keep it smooth and glossy. Treat yourself to weekly deep conditioning treatments and trim your hair frequently to avoid split ends.


5.    Having a dark, one-dimensional hair color

A solid black or brown color can highlight shadows on your face and draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles. Consider adding a few highlights around the face and at the crown of your head to add softness. Also, instead of black hair that emphasizes the skin’s ashen tones, go for a deep mahogany brown to create a fresh-faced look.