Hair Care Tips for the Cold Christmas Weather


hair care tips for cold weather

Christmas brings more than just the most joyful time of the year – the shivering cold weather also comes with it. Aside from the flu or cold you might catch, the holiday weather can also give you an alarming list of hair scares. With the cold weather’s dry air, the change in temperature, your hair will undoubtedly be fighting its number one enemy.

Without a weather-appropriate hair care regimen, you might just end up with a whole season’s worth of bad hair days. So to keep your hair healthy, merry and in tune with the Christmas cheer, here are a few hair care tips for the cold Christmas weather:

Make Deep Conditioning a Christmas Habit

The cold weather of the Yuletide season can strip your hair of its natural moisture and can lead to dryness, frizz and even dandruff if left uncared for. Once your hair becomes dry, it will be prone to breakage, which is not something you’d particularly want other people to see in your Christmas photos. So the most important thing to do during these cold months is to regularly deep condition your hair and use a more intensive daily conditioner to keep your hair moisturized.

Avoid Styling Your Hair with Heat

Atop the cold weather, heat-styling your hair with a blow dryer, a curling iron, or a flat iron will only aggravate the problem. Stick with your naturally moisturized, beautiful hair and enjoy Christmas with healthy locks. Otherwise, research for other styling methods that don’t require heat appliances such as rollers.

Cover Up for Protection

If you’re braving the cold weather outside, protect your hair by simply covering it up with a stylish silk scarf or a pretty hat. It won’t only add to the holiday charm, it will also protect your hair from having direct contact with the cold temperature and cold breeze. Remember, the sun is as damaging as it is during the ber months as it is during summer!

Give Your Body the Gift of Vitamin C

While you’re shopping for Noche Buena, don’t forget to fill your basket with produce that’s rich in vitamin C like oranges and dark, leafy greens. Vitamin C gives the body’s production of collagen a little boost.