The 7 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes Women Make


You spend so much time and effort to make sure your hair looks great, but could your styling be damaging your hair?

hair care mistakes women

Hairloss prevention: Style with care

Your hair is your crowning glory, so it’s only natural that you would go to certain lengths to make sure it looks good. But all that styling and handling could be literally sending your hair down the drain. Styling your hair the wrong way can cause damage and breakage, and even cause hair to come out by the roots.

Take note of the biggest hair care mistakes and how you can correct them:

1.    Brushing your hair too much

A hundred brush strokes a day to make hair shinier? You may want to put that brush down. Too much brushing will eventually fray the hair’s cuticle, resulting in hair breakage.

2.    Tugging on wet hair

Hair is more elastic when it’s wet. Because of this, it is advised that you should handle wet hair as little as possible. Avoid rubbing wet hair with a towel and gently pat it dry instead. Also, avoid brushing and combing hair when it’s wet.

3.    Excessive heat styling

When hair is exposed to high heat, it damages your hair’s outer layer, exposing the delicate filaments inside. This causes hair to snap and lose its luster. The best way to blow-dry hair is to direct medium-heat in the direction your hair’s cuticles are layered to avoid frizziness. It is also recommended that you minimize the use of curling or flat irons to style your hair.

4.    Overprocessing

Most hair dyes and other styling agents aren’t dangerous unless you leave them on too long or use them too often. Never color and perm/straighten on the same day; wait a few weeks or a month in between to let your hair recover.

5.    Too tight ponytails

Are you a fan of tight ponytails and buns? These styles may be chic, but they could also cause hair damage. Traction over long periods of time can lead to inflammation of the root of your hair, which may ultimately lead to hairloss.

6.    Vigorous shampooing

Go easy when you’re washing your hair; shampooing too hard also damages the hair cuticle and may cause breakage. Shampooing too often can also damage hair.

7.    Applying creams and serums at the roots.

With the exception of volumizing sprays or mousse, use creams, oils or serums only from the middle of your hair to your ends.