Hair Care Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making


woman towel drying hairHaving a healthy head of hair never goes out of style. With the booming popularity of men’s fashion, your hair is one of the only ways to identify your own, personal style. It is, therefore, your responsibility to take good care of it by keeping it strong and healthy. You may think you’re taking care of your hair properly but you’re actually doing it a disservice with these following common hair care mistakes:

  • Towel drying

Your hair is more susceptible to damage when it’s wet. When you rub your hair with a towel, some of the hair strands get caught in the towel’s fibers and get overstretched. This damages your hair cuticle which results in hair breakage, frizziness and split ends.


  • Applying too much product

Too much of anything can damage your hair. Applying too much product (i.e. hair gel, hair wax) and over-styling your hair can result in thinning hair. Knowing the right amount of product as well as the chemicals it contains helps in taking the right measures to prevent hair loss. Use hair care products that are specifically designed for thinning hair and your hair type.


  • Applying product before allowing hair to dry

When you apply hair product before your hair is dry enough will water down the product and cause it to simply slide through your hair which makes it less effective. Apply product on your hair when it’s damp and not wet. His will give you better control of your ‘do.


  • Not thoroughly washing off your shampoo

When you shampoo, your main goal is to wash away all the oil and dirt that your hair gathered throughout the day. If you don’t thoroughly wash off your shampoo, it will only cause your hair to get dirtier faster

Just because these habits feel right doesn’t mean they’re doing your hair any good. To truly maintain the volume, strength and overall health of your hair, re-assess your hair care routine and adjust it according to your needs.

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