The Best Fruits for Your Hair


fruits for hair

It cannot be stressed enough that the best way to care for your hair is by strengthening it from the inside out. This is precisely why having good nutrition is paramount in keeping your hair healthy and youthful. While your top-of-mind hair care method might be purchasing every commercial hair product you can get your hands on, combating thinning hair can be as simple as regularly enjoying delicious fruits!

Here are four hair-healthy fruits you should definitely stock up on:


The berry variety of fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and the like are not only easy to eat, they also pack a generous amount of nutrients like vitamin C and antioxidants which contribute in hair loss prevention by keeping hair breakage at bay. It also stimulates hair follicle and shaft growth.


Bananas are extremely popular especially among Filipinos and acts as the main ingredient in many afternoon snacks like the turon and bananacue. What most of us don’t know is that bananas have antioxidants, essential nutrients, and vitamins that work together to replenish the nourishment your hair needs. Eat bananas regularly and practice a good hair care routine so you can say goodbye to your frizz soon!


The coconut tree has often been dubbed the giving tree as all of its parts play a part in our everyday lives. The fruit that it bears not only adds flavour to popular Filipino dishes, it’s also a hub for all your hair needs. Its water is rich in vitamins and minerals that can keep your hair strong and shiny and your scalp moisturized. On top of that, regular consumption of grated coconut can help promote hair growth. There are tons of hair products in the market nowadays whose main ingredient is coconut oil but if you want to save your money, go organic and get your share of coconut oil directly from the fruit.


The Philippines abounds with avocado fruits. It helps the hair stay youthful with its omega-3 fatty acid content which keeps your hair shiny and lustrous, maintains scalp hydration and stimulates oil secretion to complement natural hair conditioning.