A Guide to Hairloss Treatments


For whatever stage of hairloss you’re experiencing, there are hairloss treatments at Svenson that suits your needs.


What causes hairloss?

Humans lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs a day, but excessive hairloss can be alarming. Both men and women can experience hairloss, some as early as their twenties.

Hairloss is usually attributed to genetics, so if hairloss runs in your family, you are likely to experience it as well. Hormonal changes or imbalance is a major factor in women’s hairloss, like during pregnancy or the onset of menopause. Certain medical conditions and medications can also cause hairloss in some individuals. (Read more: What are the Causes of Hairloss?)


Hairloss treatments at Svenson

Hairloss is an emotionally daunting experience for both men and women, no matter what the cause. For the those who are suffering from anxiety brought about by hairloss, Svenson is here to help.

Svenson offers two types of hairloss treatments:

Hairloss prevention treatments are given to clients who are in the beginning stages of hairloss. The hair restoration systems are for those who are already in the advanced stages of hairloss. Non-surgical add hair technology such as Transdermal Cosmetic Reconstruction is used for the advanced stages.

On the other hand, hair restoration procedures are for individuals who have already lost their hair and those in the advanced stages of baldness. Depending on the stage of hair loss, Svenson’s Hair Restoration Systems has a treatment program to help give you a full  head of hair again.


Why choose Svenson for your hairloss treatments

Svenson has more than 30 years of experience when it comes to solving hairloss in both men and women. We offer only the latest cutting edge non-surgical treatments for hairloss, scalp problems, baldness, and other problems concerning your hair and scalp. Svenson is backed by a team of qualified trichologists who will provide you with a correct diagnosis and tailor a specialize program to address your hair concerns. Read more about what you can expect on your visit to Svenson.