Where to Get a Haircut: Barber Shop or Salon?


barberWhen you need to have your hair cut, do you go to a barber shop or hair salon? Most people would say go to either and it’s not really surprising. They both cut hair, so what’s the difference?

Think of it this way: when you’re sick, you go to a specialist who deals with your particular concern. It’s the same idea with barber shops and salons. While both are haircutters, both have different specialties.

A barber is typically more traditional and his main focus is really just cutting men’s hair. On the other hand, a stylist in a hair salon is trained to work with longer, fuller hair styles.

So where do you go when you need a haircut? Here’s a helpful guide on which haircutter can address your needs:

These are just general guidelines, and with the advances in the styling industry, the skill sets of professionals may vary. The best way to go would be through doing research. If you know a guy sporting a hair style you want, ask where he had it done. You can also go online and check out if a place can offer the service you want.

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