Foods That Fight Hairloss


foods fight hairloss

Just like the rest of your body, your hair goes through changes as you age. However, sometimes these changes involve graying hair or losing hair.

On average, we normally lose about 100 strands of hair each day and grow new hair at around the same rate. This is part of the hair’s life cycle.  Hairloss starts to become a concern when you lose excessive amounts of hair on your scalp. Factors like genetics, stress and hormones come into play when it comes to hairloss.

Instead of worrying over hairloss, you can start making changes to your lifestyle by eating healthier. If you provide your body with the right nutrients, you can fight hairloss from within.

Here’s a list of foods that can help strengthen hair and fight hairloss:

  • Eggs, fish and beans – Because hair is made up mostly of protein, stock up on these protein-rich foods to make hair healthier.
  • Green Peas – These are packed with protein and other nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamin C and iron.
  • Spinach – These greens are loaded with beta-carotene and folate, and also contain iron that helps carry oxygen to the hair.
  • Green Tea – Green tea contains a certain polyphenol that regulates the production and behaviour of androgens and other hormones.
  • Prunes – Prunes are considered one of the best superfoods for hairloss prevention because they contain both copper and zinc, which help slow down hairloss and make hair thicker.
  • Oatmeal – Start your day with oatmeal to load up on B vitamins, zinc and copper.
  • Sesame Seeds – These flavourful seeds are another source of copper and zinc, which not only prevent hairloss, but can also prevent premature graying of hair.

Overall, keeping a balanced diet will keep will your body healthy, not just your hair. Even if you’re beginning to experience thinning up top, you can still slow down the process by keeping a healthy diet with foods that are rich in iron, protein, silica and zinc.

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