Finding the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape


woman having a haircutThe perfect hairstyle isn’t just about execution. It’s all about finding the right style to frame your face.

When considering a new hairstyle, it’s easy to lean towards the latest trends. While it’s okay to be creative, you have to consider shape and geometry. Again, it’s about finding the right style that frames your face just right. This means the style should highlight your face’s positive points and draw attention away from non-pleasing attributes.

A good hairstylist will be able to identify what style will or won’t suit your face shape. At the same time, it’s also important that you understand how to work with your face shape so that you and your stylist can communicate better.

The basic rule is to achieve an oval shape, which is the most pleasing shape to the human eye. To achieve this, the style has to work to make long faces shorter, lengthen wide faces, and so on.

Here is a basic guide on different face shapes and which hairstyles to go for (and avoid!):


Face Shape


Go for:


oval shaped face


Has a curvilinear shape. Forehead and jaw are the same widths.

Because an oval shape is ideal, any style can work.

Roundround shaped face

Circular-shaped, with the length approximately equal to the width.

Hairstyles that add length to the face. Bangs can also work to slim the face. Layers are also slimming, as long as it goes past the chin.

Short bobs, blunt cuts, straight fringes

Squaresquare shaped face

Has a strong and broad forehead, with an angular jaw.

Long hairstyles can soften and frame the edges of your face. Feathery bangs and side parts also work. You can also go for blunt cuts that fall just below the shoulder.

Short haircuts—these just emphasize the square shape of your face.

heart shaped face


Wide at the forehead and cheekbones, with a narrow jawline

Soft, wavy or curly styles. Pixie cuts and layered shoulder-length hair also work. Long bangs also look good on heart-shaped faces.

Long styles that widen the top of the head and accentuate the chin.

Diamonddiamond shaped face

Has a narrow forehead and jawline, with wide and high cheekbones

A blunt shoulder length cut, or wavy chin-length hair can work well with this shape. Wispy bangs can also soften your look.

Excessive layers and too much volume. Short haircuts also highlight the upper part of the face.