Dye Your Hair the Natural Way


coffee beans for natural hair dye

The chemicals in hair dyes pose a number of dangerous risks to your health and it’s not just the run-of-the-mill skin reaction that can be triggered – even cancer on extreme cases. But if you’re in dire need of changing up your hair color, there’s a natural alternative.

Coloring your hair with all-natural hair dyes is 100% safe as all ingredients used are organic. Here are a few ways you can dye your hair with ingredients you can find in your kitchen:

When life gives you lemons, give your hair some highlights

Lemon juice can be used to add highlights to your hair or bleach it naturally. It’s cheap, effective, and one of the cheapest ways to give your hair a blonde finish that looks perfectly natural! All you have to do is apply/spray some lemon juice on your hair and stay under the sun for an hour if you want your hair to appear dark blonde and three hours if you want it bleached to light blonde.

Wake your hair up with coffee

You’re not the only one who loves coffee, your hair will love it too! Strongly brew black coffee if you want a more mysterious and dark-colored hair. How to do it? Simple. Make a strong batch of brewed black coffee, let it cool down to a bearable temperature, and finally pour it through your hair.

Cover up your white hair with a cup of sage tea

Steeping sage tea for dying your hair is one of the oldest techniques of natural hair coloring. It’s an effective way to cover up those annoying streaks of white and grey hair as it can darken and deepen brunette hair. Start by steeping dried sage leaves or sage tea bags in boiling water for an hour or more depending on your desired shade. Apply the rinse once it has cooled down. Re-apply after a week until you get the color you want.

There’s a ton of other natural ingredients you can make use of to achieve just about any color you want. Instead of using chemically processed hair dye, why not use the ones hiding in your cupboards and refrigerators? It’s incredibly simple, easy on your wallet, and safe for your health. Make the shift to natural hair dye now.