How To Choose The Right Hair Brush


Perhaps a hair brush is one of the most underrated pieces in your dresser. Little do we know that picking up the right hair brush is an important part of taking care of our hair. It can be overwhelming when you browse the so many kinds of hair brushes but basically, they can be categorized into 4 different types of bristles and style. Understanding the basic differences will help you choose the right brush for your hair type.




The first type of bristle is the boar. It is called as such because it looks like the hair of a boar. This type of hairbrush is and cannot be used to actually untangle and style hair. Most often, it is mixed with nylon so that it doesn’t collapse when used. Boar bristles are best used for children because it is gentle on the scalp. For adults, this type of brush can be a used to make hair shinier.


Nylon brushes are also made of plastic. Its bristles are stiff and placed more closely to each other, making it more effective in controlling hair.


Porcupine is also known as tufted bristles. Each bristle is made up of a group of boar, or a combination of boar and nylon. This type of hairbrush is best used for fine hair and also works well for controlling thick hair.


Metal bristles are commonly used for wigs and other artificial hairpieces. It is generally hard and can be rough on the scalp when used.

The material used where these bristles are attached makes up the different styles of hair brush. The more common types are the paddle, cushion, round, and vented.

Paddle brushes are flat with bristles on one side. It is good to untangle hair and massage the scalp. It is recommended for long and straight hair.

Cushion brushes are like paddle brushes, only the bristles are set in cushion with air inside. This is good to use if your hair is prone to breakage or is very delicate.

Round brushes have bristles set on a cylindrical base with a handle on one end. This is often used to create volume on hair and even to add curls. The bristles are usually made up of boar and nylon combined.

Vented brushes can be paddle or round but with holes on the base that serve as vents. This is used mainly for blow drying, allowing air to pass through the vents and make drying faster.


With this knowledge, take a look at your brush again and see if you need to change it or add a new one to achieve the style you want. Most definitely, the best hair brush to use depends on the texture, length, and style of your hair.