How to Care for Dry Hair


hairEveryone experiences bad hair days but with dry hair, everyday is pretty much a bad one. While people are pushed to look for immediate cures mostly because having dry hair is unattractive, there are many other factors that go beyond just brittle hair. Dry hair breaks easily and may even cause hair loss in extreme cases.

Aside from the fact that dry hair is too hard to style as it always results in an unruly mess of frizz, it might also be a signal for something more serious. But before you reach for the nearest bottle of hair treatment, it pays to understand the causes and necessary points of action when dealing with dry hair.

What Causes Dry Hair?

  • Insufficient Oil Production: Your scalp might not be producing as much oil as your hair needs to keep it healthy and moisturized. As we grow older, oil production is lessened which could also lead to a dry and flaky scalp.
  • Weak Hair Cuticles: The cuticle is your hair’s protective layer. It helps keep your hair moisturized by retaining your hair’s natural oil. When your cuticle gets damaged, it peels away from your hair and some of your hair’s moisture escapes.

What Habits Can Dry Your Hair?

  • Using a harsh shampoo and over-washing can clear away your natural oils.
  • Getting chemical treatments like dyes, relaxers and perms done will damage your hair especially if done repeatedly over time.
  • When you use a hair dryer to dry your hair after applying alcohol-based products can damage your hair.
  • Styling your hair with heating irons too often damages your hair and makes it brittle.
  • Too much sun exposure can also result in dry hair.

How Can You Care for Dry Hair?

  • Use a shampoo that’s specifically made for dry hair. Shampoos and conditioners designed to treat dry hair will retain your hair’s moisture.
  • Choose a conditioner that has low pH. It’s ideal to use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to restore and maintain your hair’s moisture.
  • After shampooing, apply conditioner by massaging it onto your hair from its roots to tips. Let the conditioner stay for a couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • Try to avoid styling your hair every day. Over-styling can make your hair feel greasy and dry at the same time.
  • If you really need to use a hair dryer to dry your hair, put it on low heat and apply a sufficient amount of heat-resistant product on your hair to minimize heat damage.
  • If you can’t avoid being exposed to the sun, protect your hair by wearing a hat or using an umbrella.
  • If all else fails, consult your hair stylist about a deep conditioning treatment.