What Can Women Do to Treat Hairloss?


When you ask women who have experienced thinning hair, they will probably tell you that it was a distressing situation. After all, thick, beautiful hair is the standard among women. So when you start noticing big chunks of hair in your shower, it can cause you to feel panic and affect your confidence.

Svenson Philippines - Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Hairloss among women is far more common than most people realize. As much as 50 percent of women experience some type of hairloss by age 50. The most common cause of hairloss among women is female pattern hairloss, which is genetic and can begin as early as your twenties. Medical conditions such as thyroid problems or iron deficiency anemia can also be responsible for hairloss.

Fortunately, hairloss in women can be treated. Here are some ways to prevent the causes of hairloss:

1.    Diet

If you’re anemic, you may be lacking in iron, which is essential for healthy hair. Make sure you are eating plenty of leafy greens like spinach, chard, and kale; as well as beans, tofu and lean cuts of red meat. These are all good sources of iron, biotin, and zinc, which are nutrients that impact hair growth.


2.    Scalp massage

A good scalp massage can be beneficial to those with thinning hair. Before washing your hair, use your fingertips and a bit of coconut or argan oil to rub your scalp in a circular motion for a few minutes. The theory is that the massage will temporarily increase circulation to the scalp, which could pump hair follicles with the nutrients needed for hair growth.


3.    Preventive treatments

Even if you’re just starting to lose your hair, don’t hesitate to seek help from trusted hair experts. At Svenson, we offer the best preventive treatment programs for hairloss in men and women. These treatments are clinically proven to arrest and fight the main cause of hairloss, and restore the health of your hair and scalp. Through correct diagnosis performed by our qualified trichologists, we are able to determine the cause of your hair and scalp problem and tailor a treatment program that can best address your concern. With our proven anti-hairloss solutions, further hairloss can be prevented so you can maintain strong, healthy hair. Learn more about Svenson’s hairloss solutions here.