The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape


bangs face shape

Bangs can instantly freshen up your look and give you a total makeover without doing much. The secret is to find the style that looks best for your face shape and there’s a ton to choose from. Your face shape might not be the same as the person whose bangs you’re coveting. So before heading to the salon, here are a few pointers so you’d know you’re getting exactly what you want. Knowing the right cut for you can save you from the torture of growing them out.

Square Face Shape

If your jaw is almost as wide as your cheekbones, this means you have a square face shape. That’s a totally gorgeous feature! But to enhance your best features and to soften those hard angles, try something with a lot of texture. The best bangs for you would be long side swept bangs that graze the brows. Just be sure to have your bangs cut tapered on the sides and they should be longer than they are above the brow. Ask your stylist to make it wispier, allowing some of your forehead to peek through.

Heart-Shaped Faces

For you beauties with heart visages, opt for a hairstyle that draws more focus on your eyes and cheekbones. Try long side-swept bangs that sweep down below the chin and therefore weep the eye down. This haircut is absolutely one of the best kinds of bangs out there because you can do so much with it! Add different layers to your hair and have fun while styling it!

Oval Face Shape

For girls with an oval face shape, stop for a second and congratulate yourself! You’ve got yourself the most versatile face shape so you can pretty much rock any hairstyle. So go and explore all kinds of bangs: brow-skimming bangs, long, side-swept bangs, short bangs, heavy bangs and stick to the one that you like the best!

Round Face Shape

Round faces have that sweet and youthful appeal, but with the right kind of bangs can add sophistication. It can be a little tricky to style but don’t despair! Long and side swept bangs are the hairstyle for you! To have a little bit of an impact, make sure they’re a little thick. Stay away from wispy bangs; they’ll only increase the softness of your face.

Long Face

The goal of anyone with a long face is a hair cut that doesn’t drag down your face and add length. Instead, make the face appear wider and cover up your forehead. Lucky you, you can do this brilliantly with bangs. Gorgeous blunt bangs that start up at the crown will help create the illusion of width and will certainly shorten a log face. These bangs look great on long hair, shoulder-length hair and even short hair.