How to Beat Annoying Hair Problems


beat annoying hair problems

From frizzy hair to dandruff, each person has their fair share of hair woes. While these are not exactly life threatening concerns, they can be irritating and take a toll on your confidence. Plus, these small things could be signs of more serious conditions such as hairloss, so it’s better to tackle these problems right away.

Get a handle on these annoying issues as soon as they start. Here are some of the top hair problems and the best ways to deal with them:

Hair problem #1: Flat hair

For those who have to deal with thin, limp hair, the dream is to have that thick, voluminous mane worthy of a shampoo commercial. Outside of using hair thickening treatments, there are certain styling tricks you can do to create the illusion of volume. For one, you can try switching to a layered cut for movement and volume. Check out these tips on how you can make limp hair look thicker.

Hair problem #2: Hair breakage

Hair is more prone to damage when wet, so tugging it or rubbing it with a towel is definitely a no-no. After you shower, gently squeeze and blot your hair with an old cotton shirt instead of your usual towel. Take care not to rub. Then, detangle hair with a wide-tooth comb, using the least amount of brush strokes as possible. Do not tie hair in a tight ponytail while it is still wet.

Hair problem #3: Greasy hair

Your scalp produces oil naturally, but too much oil is definitely not okay. If you need to refresh your hair in between washes, you may want to consider investing in dry shampoo. Dry shampoo comes in the form of powder, which you sprinkle into the hair and massage into the scalp. Read more for the best way to use dry shampoo.

Hair problem #4: Dandruff

Dandruff is a chronic scalp condition characterized by flaking of the skin on your scalp, resulting in dry white or grey flakes to appear. This hair condition isn’t just embarrassing; it can also cause your scalp to feel dry and itchy. Anti-dandruff shampoos are readily available, but these are just temporary solutions. Scalp treatments, on the other hand, deliver results that last. For severe cases of dandruff, it is advisable to see a trichologist at Svenson who will recommend the right treatment plan for you.