Baldness Can Banish Your Sexy Appeal


In a matter of 3 years, your receding hairline can progress to baldness.

joey marquezThe tricky thing about a receding hairline is it can happen to any man and strike at any age, at any time. As early as their 20s a lot of men start to deal with a diminishing hairline, making them look older and unappealing.

Based on the Norwood-Hamilton Classification, the life cycle of hair follicles takes 2 to 6 years, and it takes approximately 10 years for a full head of hair to turn completely bald. However, if your hairline is starting to recede, it may only take about 3 years for bald areas to appear, and later on turn into full baldness.

Some men resort to over-the-counter remedies and hair re-growth shampoos, thinking these are enough to stop the cause of a receding hairline, only to find out that these products may have made the case worse. A receding hairline and baldness don’t have to be a part of your life. It is unnecessary to feel and look older because of hairloss problems. There are ways to prevent hairloss, if you go to the right place – and that is Svenson.

At Svenson, hair and scalp experts carefully examine the state of your hair to get to the root of the problem. You have the option to keep your hair at its best every day. You get to improve your hair and keep it thick, strong, and healthy. You don’t ever have to worry about hairloss. If you’re dealing with a receding hairline, act on it right away. Don’t wait for bald areas to appear or at the very worst, hair to completely disappear. Svenson’s highly-advanced treatments guarantee lasting results. You get to maintain thick, healthy hair for as long as you want.

The solution to your receding hairline

Revage Hair Recovery stops the hairline from receding, controls hair fall, and boosts hair re-growth and hair production. At an average, this remarkable treatment shows an 87% success rate in stopping hairloss progression and a 38% or more increase in hair volume. With Revage, hair is fuller, thicker, healthier, and your hairline is fully restored to its natural, healthy state.