How to Avoid Hair Damage When Hair Styling


avoid hair damage

Having beautiful, strong hair is one of the top beauty priorities for mostly everyone and in our quest for healthy locks, we often do things that can damage and weaken our hair.

It’s often caused by sun damage, color treatments, harsh products, or from improper styling techniques, this can plague everyone’s beauty routine until implemented with some sort of solution.

While there are about a million and one products for damaged hair on the market, as always, prevention is way better than cure. And lucky for you, this list can turn your hair don’ts into hairdos.

Know your hair

One of the basic steps in hair care and learning how to prevent hair damage is to know your hair type. Is it it thin, thick, dyed, coarse, oily or dry? Knowing these simple factors can determine your entire hair care regimen. The thickness can define the temperature on your heat tools while the hair type can determine your hair styling products.

Don’t get too hot

Allow your hair to air-dry whenever possible. Curling irons, flat irons, tongs and blow dryers can certainly make you achieve the gorgeous, salon-style look but you have to use it in moderation. They strip your hair of its natural oils and proteins. So as much as possible, keep your hands off that blow-dryer.

Invest in quality tools

A good hair styling tool does not really cost a fortune. Sure, it may really seem like a good deal to get a super cheap hair dryer but consider it a good investment when you purchase one that’s of good quality. Why? Because often it comes with a good heat setting, you can dry or style your hair faster with less exposure to heat, and of course, it’s more durable.

Use natural oils

Combat the chemicals. Natural oils such as Moroccan or Argan oil can act as a leave-in conditioner and allows for all heat products like blow dryers and straighteners to take the moisture from the product instead of your hair’s own natural moisture.

Use masks

Your hair deserves a little TLC from time to time. It’s your crowning glory after all. Hair masks can help get some moisture back in your locks and breathe some life back into dry, dull hair. Choose one that’s perfect for your hair type.

Rub It Right

Towels can be too rough on our hair and vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel is a huge no-no! Blot your hair instead and consider using a T-shirt instead of a towel, which is much less abrasive.

Get regular trims

A surefire way to prevent hair damage is to have a regular hair cut. As we get older, our goes through a lot of blow drying, flat irons, curling irons, and wear and tear in the sun. This often leads to split-ends which is nature’s not-so-pretty way of trimming. It looks tattered, torn and brittle. So be sure to stay away from split-ends at all costs!