August 19, 2014 Interview with Mr. Michael Bernstein, Svenson’s Chief Trichologist


Last August 19, Mr. Michael Bernstein, Svenson’s chief trichologist, and one of the world’s leading specialists on the causes and treatment of hair fall and hair thinning gave an interview about hairloss and discussed how you can Fight For Every Strand. Check out some of the photos from the event.

Michael Bernstein, Chico and Gino talking about hairloss with Mommy Mundo’s Janice, Michelle and Gary.

Frank Schuengel of WhenInManila learning more about hairloss from Michael Bernstein, President of Asian Society of Trichology at Svenson Makati.

Mommy Mundo team with Michael Bernstein, Chico and Gino of RX 93.1, after a good chat about hairloss.

Svenson’s Chief Trichologist, Michael Bernstein, with Chico, Gino and Marbie of Garage Magazine after a healthy discussion about how to fight for every strand.