5 Ways to Avoid Split Ends


What are split ends?

Also referred to as trichoptilosis, split ends occur when the protective outer layer of the hair cuticle is destroyed at the end part of the hair. When this outer layer wears away, the hair’s internal structure is exposed, making it weak and damaged, causing split ends.




Split ends can occur for a variety of reasons. Frequent heat styling and salon chemical services are major culprits, as well as overexposure to the sun’s heat. Using the wrong brush or comb for your hair type can also be a factor, or it could be as simple as your hair needing a good trim.

Fortunately, split ends can be fixed by having them snipped off. However, it’s also best to make an effort to prevent it from happening. Avoid dreaded split ends with these tips:

1.    Invest in quality hair styling tools.

Heat styling is notorious for causing rough ends, so do take extra care with your heat tools. While bargain hair irons or blow dryers can be tempting purchases, keep in mind that these inexpensive tools tend to dangerously overheat over time. Research online for top-rated economical brands with products that do the job without damaging your hair.

2.    Use a wide-toothed comb.

Snaps and breakage can occur when you brush your hair after towel-drying it. Instead, try running a wide-toothed comb through your hair after applying conditioner in the shower.

3.    Go gentle on your hair.

Think of your hair as silk, or any other expensive fabric: if you don’t handle it with care, it will look worn or beaten up. For example, when tying your hair, use covered elastics instead of hair ties with metal pieces.

4.    Limit doing services/treatments that damage the hair.

Hair treatments like perms, straightening, coloring and highlights can cause trauma to the hair, resulting in split ends. When going for salon treatments, narrow it down to one major hair concern. Not only will you save your hair from harmful chemicals, you’ll get to save a lot of money as well.

5.    Have your hair trimmed regularly.

Cutting your hair may be the best way to get rid of split ends, but regular trims are the best way to prevent them. The longer you wait to have your hair trimmed, the greater the chance of existing splits to worsen. Whatever type or style of hair you have, experts recommend that you have your hair trimmed at least every six to eight weeks.