5 Tips on How to Grow Hair Faster and Healthier


Did you know that there are ways you can grow hair faster without resorting to wigs or extensions?

tips to grow hair


How to grow hair faster:

Long hair is often associated with beauty, vitality, and health, which is why most women want to grow their hair to mermaid-like lengths. On average, a healthy person will grow half an inch of hair per month, so you can expect a growth of about six inches each year. This rate is affected by factors like your age, your diet, and your health.
Of course, if you’re not satisfied with the rate your hair is growing, there are ways you can encourage your locks to grow faster. Try these tips to get longer, healthier hair, faster:


1. Load up on protein.
Hair is made up of keratin, a protein that consists of amino acids. For your scalp to continue growing new hair, your body needs to produce these amino acids. So to do this, you need to boost your protein intake with foods like eggs, lean meats, yogurt, etc. Of course, your beauty is a reflection of what you eat, so it helps to stick to a healthy diet in general.


2. Get regular trims.
It sounds counter-productive, but the pros recommend that if you want long and healthy hair, you need to get trims every now and then. The haircuts don’t make hair grow faster, but they do get rid of split ends that can lead to dull, brittle hair. Pay a visit to your favorite salon every six to eight weeks to have your tresses trimmed.


3. Invest in a boar bristle brush.
This brush helps distribute your scalp’s natural oils evenly onto your hair, keeping it moisturized. With a boar bristle brush, start brushing from the scalp all the way down to your roots. A few quick strokes don’t just keep your locks moisturized; it also helps increase circulation in the scalp, making it healthier.


4. Take care of your scalp.
Think of how trees grow: if the soil and roots aren’t given the proper care, trees don’t grow as tall and as solid. Same goes with the hair and scalp. So to grow hair faster, cleanse and treat your scalp with healthy ingredients.


5. Avoid heat styling tools and chemical treatments.
These are the biggest culprits that are ruining your hair, so if you want to grow hair faster, abusing heat styling tools and chemical treatments is not the way to go. If you have to style with hot tools, use the protective product first and style at the lowest temperature. Also, if you have to go for chemical treatments like dyes and bleaches, schedule these appointments as few and as far between as possible.