5 Steps to Finding Your Ideal Hair Dresser


hair dresserHaving great hair isn’t just about good hair care. It’s also about finding a hair dresser that you can trust. You can’t just go waltzing into a random salon you happen to pass by and have your hair nipped without the right preparations. Chances are you’ll be leaving the salon sporting your nightmare haircut. Don’t worry, it happens to most of us. But don’t let it happen to you twice!

The next time you decide to get a haircut, don’t go in haste or your time and money will just go to waste. Looking for a hair dresser that suits you might be difficult at first but when you do find the right one, you can finally say goodbye to styles that do no justice to your hair.

Here are five steps to finding your ideal hair dresser:

Step 1: Just Ask

Do you have a friend or an office mate who has a hairdo that’s to die for? Ask them where they get their hair done and by whom. Or if you happen to see a stranger on the street who has fabulous hair, don’t be afraid to come up to them and ask! You’d be paying them a compliment atop getting another option for your next hair dresser.

You can even post a status update on facebook or twitter to get salon and hair dresser recommendations. You’ll have lots of options before you know it!

Step 2: Figure Out What You Want

Lots of people nowadays, men and women alike are getting more and more mindful on style and hair care which might just be the reason why a huge range of hair salons have sprouted almost everywhere you look. The number of choices you have can be really overwhelming so it would help to trim your list down by considering these three things:

  1. Your budget: Look for a salon that offers quality service without going past your budget.
  2. The style you want: Make sure your hair dresser has a clear understanding of the look you want to achieve.
  3. The salon’s location: You don’t want to travel too far just to get a haircut! Choose a salon that’s close to where you live.

Step 3: Do Some Research

Once you have narrowed down your choices, dig deeper! Research about your top salon picks and ask these questions:

  1. Is the salon clean?
  2. Are the hair dressers organized?
  3. How much do they charge?

Step 4: Schedule a Consultation

If you’re still not a hundred percent sure after completing step 4, you can always schedule for a consultation to discuss what you’re exactly looking for and what your stylist-to-be would recommend. Bring a photo of the style you want and raise all your other concerns (e.g. price and services) during your appointment.

Step 5: Book an Appointment

You might have to repeat the previous steps once or twice before you find your perfect match. But when you do finally find your ideal hairdresser, book your appointment at once! Remember to refresh your stylist about the consultation you previously had.