5 Rainy Day Hair Care Tips


Rain not only dampens your mood; it can also cause damage to your hair.

5 rainy hair tips


How rain and cold weather affects your hair

It’s true that the summer season causes hair damage, but what most people don’t realize is that the rainy season can wreak a different kind of havoc on your tresses. Just as cold weather tends to dry the skin, it can also strip away the outer layer of the hair strand, making it brittle and prone to dryness.

With the high humidity, hair can get very oily, resulting in a greasy appearance and even dandruff. Also, keeping hair sleek and straight can be challenging during this season, where hair tends to become frizzy.

How to care for your hair during rainy weather

Do you update your wardrobe when the seasons change? The same principle applies to hair care. The weather affects your hair differently, so you need to adjust your routine to meet your hair’s changing needs.

Take note of these hair care tips for the rainy season:

1. Keep your hair dry.

Getting your hair wet in the rain isn’t just bad for your health, but also for your hair. Hair is more vulnerable when it is wet, but rain water is usually dirty and acidic so you can just imagine the damage it causes your delicate strands. As much as possible, never leave the house with wet hair and cover up with a hat or hood to keep hair dry.

2. Wash your hair.

There are some occasions when you just can’t stay completely dry. When you get caught in the rain, shampoo your hair as soon as you can. Rainwater left on your scalp for long periods can cause irritation and make it susceptible to bacterial infections, and even dandruff.  However, try not to shampoo too much; you don’t want to strip your hair of its natural oils.

3. Avoid tight hairstyles.

As if tight hairstyles aren’t causing enough damage to your hair, it can get worse during the rainy season. A tight ponytail or bun can trap rainwater in your hair, and also make hair look frizzy and limp. Instead, opt for loose hairstyles, or even a shorter haircut for easy maintenance.

4. Keep a wide tooth comb handy.

Wide tooth combs are recommended for combing through wet hair because it doesn’t cause a lot of tension on the hair. Keep one in your cosmetics bag for touching up your hair.

5. Stay hydrated.

This rule always applies, no matter what the season. The low temperature hardly makes you feel thirsty, but do try to drink 7-8 glasses of water a day to keep your hair healthy.