5 Holiday Hairstyles for Him




The holidays are upon us and you will most likely be doing a ton of mingling for the holiday get-togethers. Whether it’s at your company’s holiday party or your friend’s Christmas dinner, to look good, your mane should always look its best. Set aside your outfit and shoes for a second and let’s start from the top.

Combing through all the fluff to find your signature ‘do is no easy task, and hairstyles change with the seasons. Don’t worry because here’s a roundup of hairstyles that you may want to try to jazz up your look:

  1. Organized mess

It really takes little effort to make it work. Messy hair is the way forward and it’s proven to be one of the biggest looks of 2014.  It’s also incredibly easy to achieve, it’s literally as simple as messing up your hair with a bit of product. What more could you ask for from one hairstyle? For medium hold, rub a small amount of styling cream into your hands, apply through towel-dried or dry hair and shape for a relaxed casual result.

  1. Swept back

Here’s a classic approach for the dapper look. And it just takes seconds to style. Start off by rubbing pomade or styling cream into hair using your hands. Comb your hair into place and try experimenting with different parts. You’d be surprised by how much changing the direction of your part changes your entire look.

  1. Volume up

This tousled quiff is the perfect 5-minute hairstyle for men. Not only is it fashion-forward, it’s also the easiest hairstyle out of the bunch. To keep the top full and controlled, back and sides should be neat. Apply lightweight matte gel to the top. Comb not needed.

  1. Slick look

If you’re the buttoned-up kind of guy, give this hairstyle a go. Simply work a good amount of hair gel with shine into hair using your hands. Slick hair back with hands and then with a comb to create a precise look.

  1. Mopped over

If you have a couple of minutes to spare and a curl enhancing product, try the dishevelled hairstyle. Here’s how you can get the effortlessly tousled locks with a rocky edge without the greasiness and stickiness: Use a small amount of your hair product then push hair forward. Finger comb instead of using a brush.