5 Holiday Hairstyles for Women



Everything glimmers during the holidays, and of course this should include you! To look extra fabulous during this festive holiday season, start styling your tresses with these 5 easy holiday hairstyles!

  1. Elegant Curls

Thanks to Adele, big and glamorous curls are back. This style is all about volume so if you’re into big, voluminous hairstyles, you’ll love adding this hairdo to your list of must-try hairstyles. Tease your hair especially your crown for some ‘bump it up’ volume and pin it to the back. Create gently tumbling curls by using a curling iron.

  1. Side Braids

To look simple and chic at your holiday happenings, try this hairstyle. Add a new twist to your ordinary curls by doing some side braids. Begin by curling you hair the way you usually do it. Then part your hair and create a thin French braid using the front pieces on either side, stopping at the tips of your ears. Tame tiny frizzes and finish with hairspray.

  1. Tousled Bun

This lovely sophisticated hairstyle is way easier than it looks. And it’s perfect for a girl on-the-go. Create the un-done look by tousling hair with fingers to add some texture or spray on a product to have a wind-blown, day at the beach effect. Part your hair making sure you section out bangs or a few face-framing strands then style it like you’re doing a pony but only pull hair halfway through the elastic.

  1. Knotty and Nice

Messy braids are a really fun way to create a special look that isn’t too overdone. Start off by backcombing but keeping it concentrated in the roots. Pull hair back and collect it all at the nape of the neck. Braid this section and wrap it around the head and pin ends into place. Let some strands slip out randomly so they frame your face and finish it by misting a little hair spray.

  1. Pin-Up Girl Curls

The classic 50s-inspired pin-up girl curls is the perfect option when you feel inspired to turn some heads. Begin with blow drying hair until smooth. Then simply curl your hair using hot rollers or curling wand with a large barrel. Focus on the front part and make sure you curl away from the face. Hold everything in place with hairspray.