5 Haircuts That Make You Look Younger


When it comes to looking younger than your age, forget about going under the knife. Sometimes all it takes to look youthful is the right haircut.

Svenson - 5 Haircuts That Make You Look Younger

Women react differently to aging, which shows in how much time and resources they spend on fighting the signs. Some are content with serums and lotions, while some resort to more extreme measures. But what most women don’t realize is that the difference between looking youthful or older can be as simple as the right shade of lipstick, wearing the right color, and even the right haircut.

Check out these 5 hairstyles that take years off your look:

svenson -side swept bangsHairstyle #1: Full, side-swept bangs

Bangs are a great way to hide forehead creases, but the wrong style can just make your hair look untidy. On the other hand, side-swept bangs frame the face well, creating the right mix of young and flirty.




svenson -deep side partHairstyle #2: Deep side part

Sometimes all it takes is changing your part. Avoid a dead center part, which has the tendency to look too severe. Switch to a deep side part to create an effortlessly glam look.




Hairstyle #3: Adding the right volume

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit of volume, but if done wrong, it can actually add years to your face. When going for volume up top, keep the rest of your hair straight and sleek for a polished, sophisticated look.




Hairstyle #4: The gamine crop

For the more adventurous ones who dare to go for super short dos, take care to avoid harsh geometric cuts that don’t do anything to frame your face. For a younger look, try the gamine crop, which is still edgy but feminine.




Hairstyle #5: Gentle waves

While straight hair is coveted by most women, making it look stick-straight can look overworked and severe. For a youthful vibe, loosen it up with gentle waves to soften the face.