5 Common Misconceptions About Hairloss Clinics


Ever wondered what goes on in a hairloss clinic like Svenson?


When you start noticing signs of hairloss, the best course of action is to schedule a consultation at Svenson, the top hairloss clinic in the Philippines. But like the condition itself, there are many misconceptions about hairloss clinics and what they do.

To give you a better understanding of how a hairloss clinic like Svenson can help you with your hairloss woes, we’re correcting some common misconceptions:


  1. Only people who are in advanced stages of baldness can go to Svenson.

Svenson has hair restoration solutions for individuals who have already lost their hair, but Svenson also offers hairloss prevention treatments for those who are in the beginning stages of hairloss. A trichologist at Svenson will identify the stage of hairloss you are experiencing and tell you if you will be undergoing treatments for hairloss prevention or hair restoration.


  1. Only men have to go to hairloss clinics.

Women are just as likely to experience hairloss as men. Svenson also offers treatments for hairloss prevention, as well as hair restoration for women who are experiencing severe thinning or hairloss.


  1. Hair replacements look unnatural and fake.

For individuals who need complete coverage, Svenson offers Transdermal Cosmetic Reconstruction (TCR), the latest hair replacement system. TCR involves synthetic skin with hair implanted in it that’s bonded to your scalp, right on top of the skin, using a surgical adhesive. Once bonded to your scalp, it looks like your own hair growing out of your skin.


  1. You can get instant results after just one session.

You will notice some changes after a treatment, but for better results, it’s best that you continue your treatment program.


  1. All hairloss clinics offer the same services.

Not all hairloss clinics are equal, even if they do use similar technology. Svenson has over 35 years of experience when it comes to solving hairloss in both men and women. We offer only the latest cutting edge non-surgical treatments for hairloss, scalp problems, baldness, and other problems concerning your hair and scalp. Svenson is backed by a team of qualified trichologists who will provide you with a correct diagnosis and tailor a specialize program to address your hair problems.


You don’t have to live with hairloss or hair and scalp problems forever. Choose to fight for every strand with a trusted hairloss clinic like Svenson. Get yourself checked today by sending a message or calling 892-HAIR (4247).