Top 5 Balding Myths


balding myhts

More men and women today are starting to become more conscious of their hair care routine to prevent balding. There’s a multitude of new studies on balding and hair loss but a lot of those who are less informed still go on to make wild assumptions and hold on to outdated beliefs from which a number of balding myths today have sprung.

Here are five balding myths that should be busted right away!

  • Hats can cause balding

If hats or caps are a staple in your daily outfit but you hesitate to wear it everyday because you’re afraid to lose your hair, then fret no more. There is absolutely no scientific basis behind the assumption that hats cause balding. This myth is wrongly based on the idea that hats prevent air circulation to the scalp and therefore causes hair loss. But the fact is that oxygen is delivered to your hair through the bloodstream. So you can relax and wear your favourite hat whenever. Just remember to keep it clean. Dirty hats are another story altogether.

  • Using hair styling products causes hair loss

Are you a fan of hairspray, gel, mousse or pomades and like keep your hair in style? Don’t worry about going bald. These hair products do not affect your hair growth. While excessive hair styling may damage your hair and cause breakage, it won’t cause hair loss as it doesn’t reach the growing hair follicles beneath the scalp. But don’t go crazy over hair styling either. When you use hair products all the time and fail to wash your hair at the end of the day, it might build up dirt and cause infections.

  • Having a haircut helps you grow thicker hair

While having a hair cut regularly is a good practice to keep your hair healthy, it won’t help you grow thicker hair. It only creates the illusion of having thicker hair. When you get a really short hair cut, it looks and feels thicker because of the wide scalp circumference. But whether or not you cut your hair as frequent as you can or not, your hair will still grow at an average rate.

  • Balding comes from your mother’s side

Don’t blame your mother if you’re going bald. Your genes came from both your parents. It’s just not fair to put all the blame on one parent. The “balding” gene may come from your mother or father. So you could inherit balding from your mother’s side of the family but you could also get it from your dad just the same.

  • Stress can cause hairloss

Stressed and balding are two things you should stop associating with each other. While exerting yourself too much and getting stressed out could cause your hair to fall out, it doesn’t result in male-pattern baldness. Stress could take hair production to a halt though, but it’s only short term and could be treated with stress therapy depending on your stress levels.